Light Communication System (LCS)

Loading Dock Communication System

The McGuire Light Communication System is an easy to use, dependable, and cost effective lighting system that quickly establishes a clear line of communication between truck driver and dock personnel thus reducing the risk of accidents at the loading dock.

The LCS uses flashing red and green lights both inside and outside the building that always flash in opposing mode to inform both truck driver and forklift operator of the status of the loading or unloading operation.

McGuire’s Light Communication System can be purchased utilizing either manual or automatic activation. The LCS can be integrated into a single control enclosure with your hydraulic or air operated leveler and optional interconnections can assure proper sequence of operation enhancing safety and efficiency at the loading dock.


High Visibility Signs Are a Standard Part of the LCS Package
A set of standard read and mirrored image read signs that read “Caution. Pull in or out on Green Only” are provided as an added measure of safety with the LCS communication system.

A means to Safely Communicate Trailer Positioning That Is Cost Effective Yet Dependable
Usage of inside and outside red and green lights that are always in an opposing mode can inform your truck drivers and dock attendants the status of loading and unloading. They come complete with safety signs.

Exterior Light System Is Designed for Maximum Durability and Visibility
Exterior polypropylene housing will not rust, pit or corrode like similar metal units. The shallow depth of the unit helps to protect from damage from incoming trailers. A yellow housing is highly visible and the usage of integral eyebrow-type sun visors over the red/green lights creates extended visibility.

Two Means to Activate the LCS Provides You With a Maximum Flexibility in Design
The standard activation is manually via a “flip” switch activated by the dock attendant on the interior control panel. Usage of an optional solid state sensor can make your light activation automatic.


Edge Lights

Light & Communication

A light communication system is an important safety component to have at any loading dock. You can enhance this communication by adding the Edge Lights to the interior wall above the dock door.

Edge Lights flash either red or green and are an added level of safety that becomes visibly clear to any dock worker when it’s safe or not to enter the trailer.

Integrate these Edge Lights with the TPR/UniLock vehicle restraint controls for an automated level of communication to ensure that a safe loading process takes place.


Fault Light
When there is a fault with the restraint, or the controls are put in bypass mode, the middle amber light will illuminate to inform dock workers to proceed with caution.

Interior Communication
Integrating with TPR/ UniLock vehicle restraint controls act as a clear indication to dock workers of proper restraint engagement and if it’s safe to enter the trailer.

Barrier Lip Leveler

Loading Dock Safety Barrier

McGuire’s Barrier Lip Leveler prevents lift trucks from driving off the edge of the dock in both the stored cross traffic and below dock end loading position. When in use in the back of a trailer the Barrier Lip offers a smooth transition between the platform and lip. The McGuire Barrier Lip Leveler provides full time protection while allowing end load operations.

When utilized with a McGuire hydraulic leveler and vehicle restraint, the Barrier Lip offers the best combination for unsurpassed dock safety.


Another Important Safety Feature Easily Added to Any Hydraulic or Air Dock Leveler
A McGuire Barrier Lip leveler comes standard with a 5” high barrier on the dock edge to assist in prevention of accidentally driving or backing off the edge of the dock while leveler is in the stored position. It is safety marked to identify the lip is in positon.

Full Time Protection with the McGuire Barrier Lip
Unlike some others that are only a safety barrier lip while in the stored positon the McGuire Barrier Lip, by design, is also in position to provide full time protection while allowing end loading of a trailer with the unit in a below dock position. End loading is still achievable with the lip in a safety position.

Expanded Steel Metal Grid to Close Off the Opening
With the unit in the stored, cross traffic position this grid allows debris to either fall through the grid or be swept into this area for it go to pit floor thus keeping this area clean for lip while in use. While in use in a trailer the lip offers a smooth transition between the platform and the lip.

Complete Availability of Any of the Optional Features for a Hydraulic Leveler
The usage of a McGuire barrier lip leveler allows you to utilize anything from a single push button control panel all the way up to a full featured control panel with auto return to dock, independent lip control and mushroom style emergency stop button.


Bar Lift Barrier

Loading Dock Safety Barrier

McGuire’s Bar-Lift Barrier prevents lift trucks from driving off the dock. Hydraulic operation provides years of uncomplicated service for use with mechanical, air operated and hydraulic dock levelers. McGuire’s Bar-Lift Barrier can also be installed on docks with no levelers.

The equipment is rated to withstand repeated impacts by a 10,000 lb. load moving at 4 mph. Standard units are 12’1” wide and include stanchion, barrier arm, and receiver pocket in safety yellow for ease of recognition. Also available are customized widths and gusseted models to protect the bottom panel of overhead doors.


A Means to Provide a Safety Barrier for Any Leveler that Does Not Incorporate a Barrier Lip
This is a completely independent system designed to provide added safety at the dock to assist in the prevention of accidentally driving or backing off the edge of the dock with a leveler in the stored position.

Available for Usage on Docks Without Any Dock Levelers At All
The stanchion, barrier arm and receiver pocket, all in high visibility safety yellow, can also be utilized at docks with no dock levelers at all to provide the same high level of protection to fork lifts at the dock.

Ease of Operation
Using simple, easily available 115V/1PH power for operation of the 1.5 HP self-contained power unit in conjunction with an easy to understand control panel makes this an extremely attractive addition to safety at your dock

Ability to Also be Designed to Protect Your Overhead Doors
We have customized widths and gusseted models available to also protect the bottom panel of your overhead doors.